Friday, July 30, 2010


My definiton of racism is being proud of what you are and hatred against people that different from you and your culture or society.
As i grow up as an Malaysian dark skinned,tamil speaking indian,
i know what is racism all about.One of the most common racist slut against indians here is the word "KELING" that has a good and proud meaning in the past but being used as a racial slut and hatred word toward dark skinned indians.
As i grow up here,racism is too strong among all the races and only some minorities inside the races are against racism.I will not only blame the majority race that is "MALAY" because thats what usually happens where we only blame the majority race's racism toward minority but how about the racism in the minority community that remains unseen.

Im saying this because i grew up in an indian family but i started to hangout with malays(the major and so called orginal race of malaysia).At one time,all of my friends are malay and im happy of the fact but the problem is my indian friends are countable only because they hate me being an indian but hanging out with other races and speaking their languages all the time.

Some indians youngsters started showing hatred against me and even the old fellows started to talk crap about me.Even when i grow my hair long and wear skinny jeans,im called as a malay follower or malay posuer because they think only malays can wear skinny jeans and listen to rock music.I think,this is one of the critical stage of racism and ignorance.

Even if i oftenly hangout and mingle with malays but i also received a lot of racism from malays or better called my friends.Eventhough they know that the word "KELING" is a senstive word and a racial slut but still they will use it infront of me.Other than that,religious attacks and preachings are more worst here.Not all malays are religious fanatics eventhough they also don,t follow it completely.Actually they are not fanatics but proud of their religion and keep attacking and asking people from other religion to convert to their.As i hangout with Malays since i was 12 years old,i faced this problem.They don,t view me as a human or friend but as a KAFIR and doing their best convince me to convert religion.That causes my hatred against religions.

As a result from all these religious fanaticsm,they other races also started to show hatred and racism against the main religion of Malaysia that is Islam.This causes more tensions and hatred among races here.I fall in love with some malay girls but i have to leave the relationship there because of the race and religion differences.These things make my hatred against race and religion become more stronger than ever.

As i walk into the punk scene,i was shocked by this racist skinheads or better called as boneheads and punks.I never expected before that i will see these racist boneheads and punks.More worst now,even bands that playing glam rocks also influenced by these racist movements and becomes their symphaties.I was deeply interested in ANTIFA movement and now im acting as a part of ANTIFA.
By the way,the malaysian biggest racist movement that unites boneheads/punks/metaheads that is MALAY POWER or also called NAZI cause like usual their hero is Adolf Hitler and the NAZI ideologies.Its sound similar to white power in US.Then,they have the street racist troops called KL TROOPERS whom the members are punks and skins.Other than that,they have a organization called DARAH&MARUAH and they have their extrem racist motifs.If u translate DARAH&MARUAH into english it will become BLOOD&HONOUR.So,from here you can clearly see the influence of AMERICAN racist movements here.

To become a ANTIFA activist here is a big challenge because the racist movements here seems to hate ANTIFA very much.As they claim ANTIFA,SHARP,ARA all are jewish puppets eventhough we know that ANTIFA is also supporting muslims around the world.
Since,im just an 19years old teenager and still studying in mass communication,its a big deal for me to against racism in this country because the racists consist of my fellow friends,family and my fellow community.Sometimes i choose not to speak up because its no use to debate or argue with ignorant and less minded racists that are also my friends.

Still in midst of all this racism,still have people from both three major races who are totally against racism.One problem with the malays is,sometimes they are totally against racism but still they turn their pride into religion and grow up their prejudice against other religions but still have some minority malays that views all religions are same and have the universal love attitude.

As now,our prime minister promoting the so called "1 MALAYSIA" concept to make people bilnd,still racism spreading like poison here.New ngo,s that i cannot tell the names that clearly full of racist motives and intentions.Some half gangster organizations hide under the name of religion that spreads and causes more racism tensions.Racist movements also exist in other races like recently the indians "hindraf" movement and chinese based leftist political parties.Our malaysians main problem is our mainstream or rulling political parties all are racial based and filled with racism.UMNO=Malays.MCA=chinese MIC=Indians and lying under the roof of BARISAN NASIONAL.

These racial based parties are one of the main causes and the rulling party hidding a lot of hidden histories that maybe will unite our malaysian people for their political interest.Now,from politic to education and until music scene.All are contaminated by racism and in its critical stage and for me,this reality is sad and makes me want to take radical actions against racists and their causes but i must use a better and peaceful way because somethings violence doesn,t work and pacifism works.

As for me,racism don,t have anything good or benefical on it.I even consider people who proud of their language and culture also racist because it will cause bias and prejudice against other language and culture.Racism is purely a ignorance and not humanity.I don,t consider my self into any race except human race and i don,t consider my self into any religions also.Although im a closer devotee of hare krishna movement that is not a religion but still im just a lord krihsna@god devotee but keep distance from the fanatics.I also follow suffism that rooted from Islam.Suffism focuses on love among the whole humanity without any prejudice or discrimination against any religion,race and nationality.

For me,racism is a poison for humanity and everyone who read my article should try to realise racism inside us and try to fight it.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Inilah antara lagu yang mengkahwinkan aku dengan irama GRUNGE@SEATTLE SOUND.
Band yang pengaruhi banyak perkembangan diri aku tetapi mereka sudah lain,
music yang lebih bereksperimen,rileks dan proggresive sekarang.
Aku akan support juga butterfingers sampai bila-bila tapi bila tengok balik video ini
ada persoalan timbul diminda karat ini

1.Dimanakah perginya semangat scene underground yang ada pada zaman itu? walaupun aku tak tahu apa benda pada zaman itu

2.Budak-budak baru yang merasakan anda moshing(so called) dengan menunjukan bakat TARIAN KUNG FU anda,boleh belajar dari video ini.Ape itu moshing,stagedive and berseronok dengan musik sebenar bukan trendy

3.Mana pergi band-band yang sebenar? sekarang penuh dengan sampah trend,dari so called indie ke so called metalcore? TRENDY,TRENDY,TRENDY

4.Kenapa sekarang aku pergi gig,jarang ada circle pit? ada yang tak reti nak circle pit kerana mereka terlalu HARDCORE?

5.So called indie scene sekarang=trendy,posuer,souless,attitudeless shits

Saturday, July 17, 2010


This poem was nominated by UN as the best poem of 2006, Written by an African Kid

When I born, I black
When I grow up, I black
When I go in Sun, I black
When I scared, I black
When I sick, I black
And when I die, I still black

And you white fellow
When you born, you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you go in sun, you red
When you cold, you blue
When you scared, you yellow
When you sick, you green
And when you die, you gray
And you calling me colored???

Untuk informasi anda,puisi ini dinominasikan antara puisi terbaik bagi tahun 2006 oleh UN.
Kulit aku memang gelap/hitam tapi aku tak kisah.Itulah diri aku,mungkin korang rasa yang kulit hitam tak cool,tak handsome,tak rock,tak hotttt! Itu maknanya anda seorang RACIST

Kawan-kawan aku seronok kutuk dan caci warna kulit aku tapi aku gelak saja kerana hanya orang bodoh berkepala otak taik yang suka merendahkan orang lain dengan apa yang dia ada.
Kadang-kadang,cikgu,lecturers dan ramai lagi yang ada prejudice dan diskriminasi terhadap warna kulit yang gelap dan ini menyebabkan oppressi orang yang berkulit hitam tapi apa aku nak kisah pasal ini diri aku.Kalau bagi engkau kulit hitam tak cool,aku akan jawab"PEGI MAMPOS" lagi banyak kawan-kawan aku yang tak melihat warna kulit dan ada jugak awek berkulit cerah lagi cantik suka aku :-)

Berubahlah wahai kawan-kawan/manusia-manusia yang bodoh.Kalau anda rasa diri anda bagus dengan mengutuk warna kulit orang lain dan kadang-kadang bahasa bangsa lain,teruskanlah usaha yang hina anda kerana anda tergolong dalam spesies MANUSIA PALING BODOH,BUSUK,KOTOR DAN TAIK di dunia.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Aku nak cerita pasal budak-budak yang aku kenal dengan tak kenal yang masuk universiti tapi fikiran semakin singkat,bodoh dan tidak rasional.
Antara universiti yang berjaya melahirkan RAMAI RASIS-RASIS/ANJING-ANJING PERKAUMAN di malaysia ialah toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot(universiti kerajaan yang hanya menerima pelajar daripada satu bangsa sahaja).

Dulu sembang"kenapa nak racist?" "dalam islam tak mengajar jadi racist" tapi bila dah masuk universiti racist ini,terus keluar ungkapan MOTO universiti ini dari mulut"HIDUP MELAYU".

Dua tahun lepas,gara-gara menteri besar selangor dari PKR ingin membuka 10% tempat untuk kaum bukan bumiputera dan warga asing tetapi ditentang habis-habisan oleh PARA PELAJAR MEREKA YANG TAAT SETIA SETELAH DICUCUK HIDUNG dan dicuci minda@brainwash.

Patutnya masuk universiti,otak lebih MAJU,TERBUKA DAN BERFIKIR SECARA RASIONAL tapi ini semakin menjadi BODOH dengan menanam sifat PERKAUMAN/RACIST dalam diri.
Ada orang-orang yang aku kenal pun macam ini.Dulu racist juga tapi racist taik kucing lagi tapi sekarang setelah masuk universti terbaik dan terhangat dimalaysia,racist taik kucing telah menjadi racist TAIK BABI atau mungkin taik DINOSAUR.

Sedarlah wahai anak-anak muda.Matangkan fikiran anda,buka luar minda anda(JANGAN JADI SIPUT BABI BAWAH CENKERANG).Buang segala perbezaan antara sesama manusia,bersatu sebagai pelajar.Belajarlah rajin-rajin bukanya seronok pergi clubbing,beli barang-barang branded pastu failed salahkan KAUM LAIN!


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Friday, July 2, 2010

Fashion vs Style dan Conformity?

Ramai berpendapat fashion dan style itu benda yang sama.Pendapat aku ialah FASHION itu satu betuk KONFORMITI kepada masyarakat.Dimana satu pemakaian atau perkara lain menjadi ikutan ramai.Untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada masyarakat tersebut,mereka perlu mengikut atau merasakan mengikut cara pemakaian sama adalah cool.

Style pula lain.Style sepatutnya cara pemakaian seseorang individu mengikut kehendaknya sendiri dan tidak perlu CONFORM kepada masyarakat.Aku benci mengikut fashion,tapi aku punya style aku sendiri.Contoh,dalam budaya punk kita menentang CONFORMITY tapi pada masa yang sama,sudah ada stereotype yang PUNK KENA MOHAWK,LEATHER JACKET DAN MEMAKAI BOOTS.Pada pendapat aku,ini satu bentuk CONFORMITY kepada golongan majoriti PUNK.

Pelopor punk awal tidak mengikut fashion,jika mereka mengikut fashion maka mereka pasti mengikut fashion band-band rock 70an,80an tetapi mereka mencipta style mereka sendiri.
RAMONES ada style dia,SEX PISTOLS ada style dia.Dalam satu band macam SEX PISTOLS pun punya cara pemakaian berbeza-beza.

Apa aku nak bagitahu ialah fashion dan style dua benda berbeza pada pendapat aku dan jika anda seorang yang menentang CONFORMITY.Sebaik-baiknya jangan follow fashion yang dibawa oleh majoriti dalam apa-apa budaya.Carilah style anda sendiri.